Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blog 23: Interview 5

It is now time to complete the rule of 4 (to act on the square).  We have already (1) Sent shoeboxes to kids internationally for Christmas (2) Raised 4300 cans for a food bank in Los Angeles (3) Took care of a family in the La Puente area during Christmas.   It is now time to do the 4th part and give back to the iPoly community.

Blog Title:  Helping 2013
Label: Interview
Due Date: Posted on the blog by 4/27/2012 at 8AM
Who did you interview:
What day and time:

Content:   You will be asking an assigned junior some questions and giving them feedback regarding their senior project ideas.  It is your job to document the experience on the blog.  

(1) What ideas do you have for your senior project and why?
  • their answer
  • What feedback did you offer when you heard the topic ideas?
(2) What do you plan to do to complete the 10 hours of service learning (working with an expert) which is due prior to senior year starting?  Note: They also have to complete the 50 hours during the school year.
  • their answer 
  • What feedback did you offer them in response?
(3) What do you hope to see or expect to see when watching the class of 2012 present their two hour presentations?
  • their answer
  • What suggestions did give them regarding how they should approach watching the 2 hour presentations?  
(4) What questions do they have about senior project?  What additional recommendations would you give the 2013 student about senior project?  Be specific and note what you told them.
  • questions they had
  • What additional recommendations did you give them?
 *You will be assigned the junior next week.  


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